Why Wait? Trump Calls Biden Out for Immediate Debate

Why Wait? Trump Calls Biden Out for Immediate Debate

(WatchDogReport.org) – Former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump said on February 5 that he would like a debate with US President Joe Biden, a couple of months ahead of the end of primary elections and the start of the presidential election. The Republican leader made the challenge during an interview with The Dan Bongino Show.

While Trump is still facing a challenge in the GOP from former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, after his victories in New Hampshire and Iowa, the former president has his sights set on the current one. During his appearance at the show, Trump said he knows President Biden won’t accept his challenge “because he can’t talk.”

He also said he believes that the commander-in-chief is “ruining” the United States and that he will eventually suspend his presidential campaign to allow a Democratic leader with a higher popularity to become the nominee. When asked why he was challenging him for a debate, Trump said it was “for the good of the country.”

Following Trump’s challenge, President Biden responded to him while speaking with journalists in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Democratic leader said he would also want to “debate me” if he was Trump. While the commander-in-chief also told reporters that the GOP candidate has “nothing else to do,” he didn’t say whether he would accept the challenge.

Since the beginning of the primary race in the Republican Party, Trump has refused to be part of its debates, posting on his platform Truth Social in August 2023 that everyone knows who was and how “successful” he was as a president.” He also said during an interview with Fox News in June 2023 that it made no sense to be part of an event where he could receive questions from candidates who only had “one or two percent” of support from Republican voters.

According to some polls, Trump would beat President Biden in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 presidential elections.

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