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Watchdog Report has a mission: to eliminate the liberal bias and soft language present in mainstream media. If you’re looking for all the truth and none of the fake news, you’re in the right place. Watchdog Report covers both contentious and routine issues, making sure hardworking Americans like you are able to know the latest about what’s going on in our greatest nation.

The Watchdog Report mission keeps us honest, and keeps you informed. We feel strongly that there’s no room for liberal bias or anti-truth in media and reporting, which is why we stand beyond our Watchdog Report mission and the content we produce. Our team works together to encourage accountability, collaboration, and fact-checking so the important issues are fact-based, front, and center.

Meet the Watchdog Report Team

Our dedicated team of writers and editors are located throughout the United States. They are members of military families, coal mining families, farming families, and trusted family members who support a breadwinner in law enforcement. Rooted in faith and a deep conviction to doing what’s right, our team members are diligent and here to bring you the latest news.

Most importantly, our team is trained and devoted to avoiding the liberal bias everpresent in the media we’re exposed to every day on TV and the internet. Instead, we take a deeper look and cut the fake news out of reporting.

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