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Epstein Partner Ghislaine Maxwell Says She Has Been Mistreated

( - For years, victims said billionaire Jeffrey Epstein preyed on them as part of an underage sex trafficking ring. They also alleged that...

Bill Gates Says We Need to Eat 100% Fake Beef

( - Over the last couple of decades, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has decided to branch out from Big Tech. He has his hands...

Parler’s New Web Host Supports Free Speech

( - In mid-January, Amazon, Google, and Apple all removed Parler from their platforms. The social media company scrambled to find a new hosting...

COVID and Nursing Home Deaths: It’s Worse Than We Thought

( - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has been embroiled in a scandal surrounding the decisions he made during the COVID-19 crisis. Specifically,...

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Peter Navarro Says Bill Barr Worked to Hurt Trump

( - In the final weeks of President Donald Trump’s administration, there was an acting attorney general. That’s because former AG Bill Barr quit...

Narrative of Trump’s Election Lawsuits Begins to Crumble

( - For weeks, Democrats and the media have been selling the public a line about former President Donald Trump losing upwards of 80...

Republicans Ask DOJ to Issue a Subpoena

( - In March 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) issued a directive requiring nursing homes to admit patients who previously tested positive...

Biden Facing Lawsuit From Trump Appointee

( - In January, before President Donald Trump left office, he appointed Roger Severino to the Council of the Administration Conference of the US....

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