Watchdog Report is your source for unbiased news from across the nation. Because Watchdog Report exists beyond the influence of the liberal mainstream media, you’ll find the latest information for the conservative American — without being filtered through a harmful liberal lens.

At Watchdog Report, you can expect news focusing on the importance of the preservation of your rights, such as the right to bear arms, the right to protect unborn life, the right to speak freely, and the freedom of your religious institution and press just like this site.

The Watchdog Report Mission

Watchdog Report empowers you to protect your family and your community. When your way of life is threatened, you can look to Watchdog Report for important alerts about national legislation and movements meant to threaten our way of life. Watchdog Report has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fake or exaggerated news. We aim to put the truth in perspective for you, so you can make informed choices as a citizen and voter.

At Watchdog Report, we hold sincere respect and gratitude for the daily efforts and sacrifices of our men and women in uniform and for our law enforcement officers, who put their lives on the line to protect our nation and our beloved communities. You’ll find that the news reports here treat these groups with the respect they deserve.

What You’ll Find Here

Watchdog Report safeguards the public by exposing wrongdoers and providing information about wrongdoing, bloated government overspending, scandals, and corruption. We know that when unchecked, individuals with power can restrict our freedoms and harm our communities, and we are vigilant when they misstep.

Our Daily Picks and Doghouse Reports provide you with an overview of national news and a deeper look at how your rights and freedoms are being threatened on a daily basis. If you’re ready to hold politicians accountable and look past the liberal bias of the mainstream media, it’s time to read and subscribe.

Stay Informed with Our Daily Picks

Watchdog Report Daily Picks is a compilation of news alerts focused on legislation and other news concerning the personal freedoms of American citizens. If you’re worried about your rights being threatened or curtailed, make sure you check out Daily Picks.

Want to know who to hold responsible for legislation restricting your personal freedoms? Combine the info in Daily Picks with Doghouse Reports, where we reveal and hold accountable the sources of corruption — without the liberal spin.

Dig Deeper with Doghouse Reports

Doghouse Reports are Watchdog Reports’ in-depth look at the causes of corruption, restriction of freedoms, and bloated government overspending in the United States. When politicians move to restrict the free market, allow immigrants to enter our nation unchecked, or stifle your personal freedoms, Doghouse Reports is poised to alert you.

Don’t forget to also subscribe to Daily Picks, which provides a broader overview of legislation and policy affecting your personal freedoms and threatening your way of life. Then, dig deeper with Doghouse Reports to hold those politicians accountable.

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