White House Mishap Quickly Becomes Metaphor for Biden

White House Mishap Quickly Becomes Metaphor for Biden

(WatchDogReport.org) The National Christmas Tree located in the northeast quadrant of the Ellipse near the White House toppled on November 28 after strong winds knocked it over. The tree, which every administration has erected in the area since 1923, fell before being lit by US President Joe Biden. Social media critics pointed out that the incident represented a metaphor for the commander-in-chief.

Following the incident, National Park Services immediately arrived on the scene and worked to re-lift the tree with a crane and make it available for the lighting ceremony. President Biden didn’t provide any message about the incident.

On Twitter, the Citizen Free Press said that the falling of the Christmas Tree was the most “fitting image” of the Biden administration. Meanwhile, Students for Life CEO Kristen Hawkins noted that the incident made sense because a stiff breeze “blows Biden over too.”

On his Twitter account, Fox News journalist Jimmy Failla said that while it was “crazy” to see the National Christmas tree falling, it was “nice” to see something fall at the White House besides the commander-in-chief. Also, FiveThirtyEight chief National Rakich joked that the president’s war on Christmas went “too far,” while conservative influence Oilfield Rando pointed out that the image of the tree falling was a “metaphor alert.”

Moreover, the House Judiciary GOP posted on its Twitter account that what happened to the tree perfectly summed up Biden’s presidency. Many other users posted videos of the tree incident and the numerous moments President Biden fell in public.

Over the last few months, many Americans have expressed increasing concerns about President Biden’s age and health, considering the numerous occasions when he seems confused or has tripped, stumbled, or become lost at public events. Even some Democratic leaders, such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have said that the commander-in-chief’s age is an issue that many liberals are worried about. Different polls also showed that most American voters feel concerned about the president’s age, who recently turned 81 years old.

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