White House Makes Absurd Claim: “Performing Exceptionally”

White House Makes Absurd Claim: "Exceptionally Good"

(WatchDogReport.org) – The National Economic Council Director, Lael Brainard, recently talked about the state of the US recovery, claiming it’s doing “exceptionally” good despite some hurdles. According to Brainard, the economy has seen some ups and downs, but it’s holding its own. It doesn’t appear that the majority of Americans agree with him.

Unemployment is below 4 percent, manufacturing jobs have increased, and clean energy is on the rise. Brainard is boasting about the low inflation rate, and even The Wall Street Journal is chiming in, noting that the economy is doing better than expected.

While this may seem like good news, it’s simply not enough for the average American. The price of goods seems to be steadily increasing, the cost of living is more than many can afford, and the housing market is still struggling. As pointed out by The New York Times, the meager wage increases workers have received have been offset by the constantly rising prices — which hit a 40-year-high last year.

President Biden, seemingly clueless to the plight of the average American, has been highly criticized for patting himself on the back over the so-called economic recovery. While the president and his Economic Council Director are busy tooting their own horns, many across the country are still counting pennies in an effort just to get by.

The economy has been a consistent pitfall for Biden in polling nationwide. A new poll from Times/Sienna shows Biden losing to former President Donald Trump in 5 out of six battleground states. One of the major areas where Trump outperformed Biden was on matters of the economy. In fact, Trump soundly defeated Biden in a 59 to 37 percent margin on who respondents trusted with the American economy.

This beatdown of the sitting president is especially problematic for the left when one considers the fact that roughly double the number of voters consider the economy to be the primary factor in considering who to vote for in 2024 as opposed to social issues.

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