White House Accuses GOP of Inflating Problem Despite Overwhelming Evidence

White House Accuses GOP of Inflating Problem Despite Overwhelming Evidence

(WatchDogReport.org) – The White House has accused Republicans of worsening the crisis raging at America’s southern border. This came just prior to Speaker Mike Johnson leading a delegation of 60 GOP House members to Eagle Pass, Texas, amidst a surge of illegal migrants.

White House representative Andrew Bates contended that Republicans possess a track record against border security, impeding President Biden’s initiatives and opposing funding for border security. Bates highlighted the GOP’s lack of support for Biden’s supplemental funding pack, which included money for additional border agents. In addition, the package was tied to more funding for Ukraine, the Indo-Pacific, and Israel. He pointed out that Republicans didn’t back the president’s plan in 2021 to bring the country’s immigration system up to date.

Bates stated that House Republicans hindered Biden’s reform plan and repeatedly opposed his “unprecedented” funding for border security every year.

Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, rebutted, asserting that Biden “has been derelict in his duty” to secure the border and blamed his policies for worsening the situation.

Johnson also countered by highlighting that the President’s appeals for additional funds weren’t aimed at halting illegal immigration. Instead, the speaker claims they were intended to facilitate the processing of more undocumented immigrants through the ‘catch and release’ policy, which, in his view, compromised security at every juncture.

US Republicans have initiated impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden’s homeland security chief, aiming to cement immigration as a major issue in the 2024 presidential election.

Each day, as many as 10,000 migrants have been apprehended following their unauthorized entry from Mexico, a situation that Republicans describe as a humanitarian crisis. The White House and lawmakers have failed to agree on reforms to curb the influx.

Republicans in Congress concluded an investigation into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in December, accusing the Democrat of creating a national security emergency by ignoring immigration policy.

An impeachment vote has not been scheduled yet, but House Homeland Security Committee chairman Mark Green mentioned an initial hearing would occur next Wednesday.

For Mayorkas to face a Senate trial resulting in his removal, a majority of the House must vote that he had committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” However, considering the present makeup of the Senate, such a result appears improbable.

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