WH Gives Another Explanation For Biden’s Bad Performance

(WatchDogReport.org) – The White House has provided yet another explanation for President Joe Biden’s poor performance in his televised debate with former President Donald Trump on June 27.

During the debate, Biden often struggled to finish his sentences, appeared to stare vacantly, and had a notably hoarse voice. The lackluster performance was initially blamed on a cold before it was later blamed on jet lag. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to link the two explanations, claiming that the 81-year-old president caught a cold while traveling in Europe.

Other excuses provided by the Democrats for the president’s condition include exhaustion and over-preparation. John Morgan, a major Democratic donor, shared this view. Morgan blamed Biden’s senior advisers, specifically Anita Dunn, for overpreparing the president before the debate. Biden’s family members reportedly joined Morgan in condemning the president’s advisers for his shaky performance.

Since then, calls have mounted from both Democrats and the party’s donors for Biden to step down from his campaign. In addition to Democratic representatives, senior Democrats are pressuring Biden to withdraw from the election as concerns for his physical and mental well-being grow. Biden has repeatedly refused to give up on his bid for reelection in November.

Biden later admitted in a radio interview that he “screwed up” but vowed to continue with his campaign. At one point during the debate, Trump commented that he could not understand what Biden had just said and suggested that the incumbent president did not know what he had said.

When Jean-Pierre was asked why she did not mention the jet lag until a week later when discussing the president’s health, she said it was her mistake. After the spokeswoman noted that the president saw a doctor after the debate, the White House clarified it was a “brief check.” Jean-Pierre stated that Biden had not had any medical examinations since his physical in February. When pressed further, she stated that this was the last time he saw a doctor before the debate.

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