US Commander Promises ‘Hellscape’ Should China Launch Taiwan Invasion

( – The new chief of the United States Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), Navy Admiral Samuel Paparo, said on June 10 that he would create a “hellscape” response if China invades Taiwan. During an interview with The Washington Post, Paparo explained that the command has a plan to deter the Chinese regime by guaranteeing that they understand that launching a military incursion into Taiwan will have terrible consequences.

On social media, some political analysts said that Paparo’s comments were surprising as the United States has maintained a “strategic ambiguity” with Taiwan, refusing to commit to a military response if Beijing decides to invade it. However, many believe that the current change suggests that an invasion is more likely than ever.

Paparo also told the liberal newspaper that he knows that what the Chinese regime wants is to “offer the world” a sharp and short military conflict that ends up being a “fait accompli” — a fate already decided prior to anyone hearing about it, leaving them no choice but to accept the outcome. The Navy Admiral explained that would be China’s modus operandi if it decides to invade Taiwan, as their main goal is to prevent the international community from getting “their act together.” However, he also told the Post that his primary duty is to guarantee that from now to “2027 and beyond,” the United States and its allies in the international community can prevail if the conflict arises.

When asked about the strategy in question, Paparo said it’s called “Hellscape,” and said it consists of launching submarines, drones, and unmanned surface ships to surround Taiwan as soon as the Chinese military starts moving toward the island. He explained that the goal of this strategy is to give Taiwan, the United States, and its allies in Asia enough time to prepare a coalition and a massive response against the Chinese regime.

Paparo added that what he wants to do if China executes the invasion is to “make their lives miserable” for a month by turning the Taiwan Strait into a hellscape by using some “classified capabilities.”

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