Tyson Foods Faces Potential Boycott After Firing American Citizens

(WatchDogReport.org) – According to a Breitbart March 18 report, multinational food juggernaut Tyson Foods is currently facing a massive backlash after firing 1,200 US workers and announcing that it is planning to hire 42,000 illegal aliens instead of them.

The food conglomerate said in a statement that it was forced to shut down its Iowa pork factory, which would inevitably lead to the 1,200 personnel cuts. However, some reports revealed that the company is making efforts in Manhattan to hire many of the illegal immigrants who are currently there so they could work in Tyson Foods Tennessee plant.

Following these reports, the food juggernaut announced in another statement that it was officially joining the organization Tent Partnership for Refugees, which has been accused of wanting to empower illegal immigrants in the United States. Tyson Foods even said it already hired 88 illegal aliens during its first event with the organization and added that its goal is to hire the 42,000 illegals “if we could find them.”

After the announcement, Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance blasted Tyson Foods for firing US citizens while hiring dozens of illegal aliens. During an interview with Fox News, the conservative leader claimed that many in the Senate are already looking into what they could do to “change that,” assuming that the company is “operating legally.” He also told host Jesse Watters that the only thing for sure was that Tyson Foods fired American workers and immediately hired illegal aliens, which he described as the “entire point of illegal immigration.”

On social media, many users criticized the company, with many advocating for a massive boycott of the company. Once the backlash started, Tyson published another statement where they said they actually oppose illegal immigration into the United States. The company claimed that many people misinterpreted its recent decisions, stating that no one can say they are in favor of illegal immigration as they have been part of government programs that fight against unlawful employment.

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