Tucker Carlson Gets Sit Down Interview With Vladimir Putin

(WatchDogReport.org) – Former Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson had a controversial interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin and published it on his Twitter account on February 8. The interview, which took place in Russia’s capital city, Moscow, lasted for nearly three hours and was filmed on February 6.

Speaking through a translator, Russia’s leader talked about a number of topics, including his nation’s military might. Putin stated that, in terms of the hypersonic strike systems’ development, it was already ahead of the United States and any other nation around the world. He also said that the Russian armed forces were improving on this matter every day.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Putin told Carlson that the Kremlin was willing to negotiate to find a resolution to the armed conflict. He explained that the party blocking the negotiations was “the Western side,” which he claimed wasn’t interested in stopping the war. He also described Ukraine as a “satellite state” of the United States and the West, telling Carlson that he didn’t want him to take his words as if he was looking for “an insult.”

The Russian leader also explained that the only way that the West could do “its part” in stopping the war and finding a resolution was to cease supplying weapons to the Ukrainian government. Putin told the former Fox News host that if the United States and its European allies took this step, the war would be over “within a couple of weeks.”

Putin also spoke about the detention of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter. Carlson asked Putin why Russian authorities didn’t release him, as he claimed that he was “just a kid.” Putin said that he disagreed, arguing that Gershkovich was illegally looking for classified information. However, the Russian leader suggested that the Wall Street Journal reporter could be released as soon as possible if the Biden administration agrees with some terms and is willing to engage in a prisoner swap with the Kremlin.

The full interview can be found on X (formerly Twitter).

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