Trump Team Takes Fight to Fani Willis

( – Former President and presidential nominee Donald Trump filed a motion on March 17 to officially remove Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis from the election interference case in Georgia. In a statement, Trump’s principal Georgia lawyer, Steve Sadow, said that the Republican leader and seven other defendants requested the court to formally disqualify Willis, arguing that she was biased against the former commander-in-chief. The statement added that while the court determined that her actions created a smell “of mendacity” and an impropriety appearance that still “lingers in this case,” they refused to disqualify Willis or “dismiss the case.”

Sadow explained that the motion also mentioned that the court found there wasn’t any clear past instance in the state law that dictates the criteria for disqualifying a prosecuting lawyer because of forensic misconduct. He added that given these factors and some others, the court’s ruling was ready for review by a higher court before the beginning of the trial.

On March 15, Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee ruled that the prosecutor could remain on the case only if her ex-lover and fellow prosecutor, Nathan Wade, resigned or was formally removed by her. McAfee blasted Willis for making some “racial aspersions” about co-defendant Mike Roman during a speech at the Bethel AME Church back in January. Wade resigned a couple of hours after the ruling.

According to a Breitbart report, a source close to the former president’s case said in a condition of anonymity that the ruling had some positive aspects. The person told the conservative news outlet that McAfee’s decision lacks clear principles and could lead to an interlocutory appeal and numerous motions to move the case to a jurisdiction unaffected by Willis’ “racist statements.”

The source also told Breitbart that proceeding in Trump’s case will probably allow a “stunning victory” from the former president’s legal team against “the regime” once the fraud evidence is officially presented.

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