Trump Support Springs Up in Unlikely Allies

( – Record numbers of black voters are abandoning incumbent President Joe Biden in favor of former President Donald Trump. The 2024 Republican candidate has further defied expectations by attracting the support of several rappers.

The news comes as several rap musicians have stopped short of openly endorsing Trump but distanced themselves from Biden as concerns mount about his viability as a presidential candidate. According to the latest polls, 17% of black voters would now vote for Trump, more than twice the amount who voted for him in 2016. As Democrats attack Trump’s controversial comments that suggested black voters relate to him because of his mugshot, claims by the opposition that the former president is racist have failed to dissuade several rappers who endorsed the Republican.

Rapper Sexyy Red said she wishes Trump was still in the White House and claimed that everyone in “the hood” shares the same view. Azealia Banks stated that she would be voting for Trump and expressed admiration for his “survivalism” and sense of humor. Money Man commented that Democrats had not done anything to benefit black voters and likewise showed support for the former president.

Multiple high-profile rappers have openly endorsed Trump in the past, including Lil Wayne, who praised his work on criminal reform in 2020. Snoop Dogg said in January 2024 that he had nothing but love and respect for Trump, and has also distanced himself from Biden. Cardi B, Ice Cube, Meek Mill, and 50 Cent have also been critical of the incumbent president, and Kanye West was a vocal supporter of Trump leading up to the 2020 election.

West expressed his frustration in 2019 about how popular the Democrats were with black voters. The rapper also claimed that it was racist of left-wing media outlets and commentators to tell him who he should vote for. Snoop Dogg previously parodied Trump in a 2017 music video that showed him pointing a gun at him. The rapper claimed, however, that Trump had done nothing wrong to him, only good things for him.

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