Trump Shocks Rivals With Landslide Victory

Trump Shocks Rivals With Landslide Victory

( – Former US President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump won a landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses on January 15, in the United States’ first important presidential contest of 2024. Numerous media outlets, including CNN and Fox News called the race for the Republican leader rapidly while state voters were still casting ballots, which represented a sign of the massive lead Trump had in the race. He won with 51 percent of support, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reached second place with only 21 percent.

Experts noted that Trump outperformed expectations with his landslide victory, as many thought the numerous legal issues he has been facing recently could’ve ended up affecting his popularity in the so-called Hawkeye State. Also, some media outlets previously reported that Trump’s campaign had reasons to celebrate as many expected DeSantis and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to close the gap on Iowa.

In a speech before fans after the results officially confirmed his victory, Trump said that the United States used to be a “great nation” when he was President. He noted that the country has been experiencing a historic decline since Joe Biden took office, as his administration has been to blame for the economic and migrant crisis that has been affecting so many communities. The former commander-in-chief also made numerous promises if he wins the 2024 presidential election, including rampant drilling and full immunity to many police officers.

With his victory, the conservative leader reached an all-time record margin of victory in any competitive GOP presidential race in Iowa, which many analysts explained shows Trump’s current hegemony in the Republican Party. The previous record stood at 12 percentage points.

As reported by different media outlets, most of the voters who stuck by the former president said they didn’t care about the legal problems that have been affecting his campaign. Numerous polls have said that while Haley is gaining momentum, Trump remains the main favorite to win the Republican nomination.

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