Trump Campaign Slammed With Conservative Backlash

( – Former President Donald Trump’s recent endorsements have faced backlash from conservatives, a new report reveals.

The controversy stems from Trump’s stance on the Republican primary for Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, a battle that has become a focal point in the current political landscape. The race is a showdown between State Senator John McGuire and Representative Bob Good. Trump’s endorsements have sparked a heated debate, with conservative Republicans accusing him of consistently backing moderates, revealing a deep division within the party.

Good, who had previously thrown his support behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the presidential primary, found himself in the crosshairs of Trump loyalists. They criticized him for his past endorsement of Trump’s rival. In a strongly-worded post on his Truth Social platform, Trump declared his “complete and full endorsement” For McGuire, labeling Good as “bad for Virginia” and “bad for the USA” in uppercase letters, adding a personal touch to the criticism.

Following the Trump Campaign’s release of a working shortlist of potential candidates for Trump’s choice of running mate, the former president’s criticism of Good for abandoning “our incredible movement” suggests he has not forgotten who previously stood against the MAGA movement and his re-election bid.

Trump also mocked Good’s “warm and loving endorsement” of his campaign, saying that the “damage had been done.” Though some commentators have suggested that DeSantis, like his presidential primary rivals Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley, could be considered for vice president, DeSantis stated in February that he would not serve under Trump.

Ohio Representative Warren Davidson told reporters that Trump is supporting moderates in most races that feature a conservative. Davidson said that Republicans cannot afford to support anyone who will fund the status quo. South Carolina Representative Ralph Norman stressed that the former president needs to consult many different people on who he should endorse.

North Carolina Representative Dan Bishop pointed out that Trump is working against his own interests, stating that he needs supporters in Congress rather than moderates who will impede his efforts. Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, a vocal conservative, criticized Trump over Virginia’s congressional race. Gaetz commented on X (formerly Twitter) that the party wants Good in Congress, not another “McCarthy plant.” He praised Good’s work in what he called a “disgusting swamp.”

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