Trump Accepts Backing of NRA

( – On May 18, Former President and GOP nominee Donald Trump accepted the official endorsement of the NRA. During a speech at the National Rifle Association Leadership Forum in Dallas, Texas, the Republican leader said that he felt honored to receive the endorsement from the gun rights advocacy group as he defines them as “proud American patriots.” He added that with their help, he will do plenty of things that no one in America would have expected. Trump also explained that having the support of the NRA will allow him to win the 2024 presidential election with a wider margin than many polls have been predicting so far.

On social media, some political analysts said that while Trump was going to receive the endorsement from the NRA no matter what, things could change positively for him now that it has been made public. Many explained that such help would allow him to receive support from some independent voters who believe that the Democratic Party’s vision of the Second Amendment has been too radical.

In his speech, the Republican leader accused US President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders of putting the Second Amendment “under siege,” which he claimed would be a terrible hit for the United States. He also told attendees that having a conservative president who is backed by the NRA won’t be enough to protect America from what the Democratic Party wants to do with the Second Amendment. Trump added that the most efficient way to do it is by uniting to “standing strong.”

The NRA supported Trump in the 2016 presidential election against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The gun rights advocacy group also backed him during his presidency. Trump responded to their support by taking numerous measures that were previously approved by the gun lobby in the United States. One of the most important measures was designating firearm shops in the country as essential businesses during the national health crisis, allowing them to stay open.

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