Transgender Influencer Found Guilty of Child Abuse

( – Rachel Queen Burton, a popular TikTok user who proudly identified as a transgender woman, has recently been the subject of a troubling case. Hiding behind an online protected-class persona, Burton was a child predator.

The horrific facts of the atrocities committed by 44-year-old Burton, who lives in Coolalinga, Northern Territory, Australia, were laid bare during the latest appearance in the Adelaide District Court. The victims spoke out courageously about their experiences, exposing the predatory actions of Burton.

It was before Burton began identifying as a woman that he pursued a family and assaulted the two children on multiple occasions. The individual persisted in pursuing his victims, and regardless of their attempts to evade his grasp, he was relentless — eventually rendering their families homeless.

Burton first denied the charges after his arrest in October 2022 but ultimately entered a guilty plea to the more severe charges of indecent assault, gross indecency, and material production and possession of child exploitation material. The impact statements given by victims in court shed light on the profound and enduring suffering that Burton’s abuse inflicted upon them and their loved ones.

The victims’ constant nightmares and other forms of psychological torture were testified to in court. The younger victim vented frustration and the feeling of being trapped; the elder sibling, who was spared physical assault, nevertheless endured psychological damage as a result of Burton’s horrific deeds.

In addition to the criminal court, the court of public opinion, victims’ families, and the community voiced their almost universal condemnation. Sentencing for Burton will be in April. Burton was remanded in custody at a men’s facility.

The tragic story of Rachel Queen Burton highlights the risks people face when using social media for evil. This incident emphasizes how critical it is to be vigilant and hold people accountable in online forums so that vulnerable people, particularly children, are protected from predators.

Burton’s TikTok account was quite popular, with over 36,000 followers and videos that received over 418,000 “likes. Burton reportedly announced in a TikTok video from January 2022 that he was going to start hormone replacement therapy.

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