Top Democrats Starting to Panic Over Biden

( – Concern is mounting at the Democratic Party’s highest levels over the viability of President Joe Biden as a 2024 presidential candidate, even among those who previously expressed support for the 81-year-old’s re-election campaign.

Strategists and officeholders who had backed Biden against former President Donald Trump are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the incumbent president’s chances in texts to friends and anonymous statements. Consistently poor performance in polls and concerns about Biden’s age and whether or not he is fit for another term in the White House have contributed to the resulting “freakout” and the realization that Biden’s chances of beating Trump in November may be slim.

Over a dozen operatives and party leaders have reportedly highlighted the increasing difference between what Democrats say in print and on TV and what they say privately regarding Biden’s chances. One of the party’s operatives said no one wanted to say on record that the party is “doomed” approaching the November election or publicly criticize Biden or his policies.

Following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report in February on an investigation into mislaid classified documents, which described the president as a “well-meaning” elderly man with a “poor memory,” leading Democrats rallied in support of Biden. Vice-President Kamala Harris joined other Democrats in dismissing concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness.

Democratic Senators, however, expressed doubts in private about claims that the president was mentally “sharp.” One senator, who requested to remain anonymous, said they were surprised by the Democratic party’s lack of willingness to discuss the issue. Democratic Vermont Senator Peter Welch commented that, though Biden has a chance of winning, he should not ignore concerns about his age or Trump’s chances of re-entering the White House.

Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who served under Biden when he was vice president in former President Barack Obama’s administration, said the president’s age is a valid concern. She argued that Biden should cite his experience in government as his strength. The president’s poor performance in polls has further emboldened Trump, who has even told Black and Hispanic voters in the most liberal territories, such as New York and New Jersey, that he will beat Biden there too.

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