Thousands More Vehicles Recalled Over Potentially Deadly Issue

( – Auto manufacturer Kia is recalling almost 50,000 SUVs following warnings about a potential fire hazard linked to the power seats installed in the vehicles. The company issued an urgent recall for 462,869 Telluride SUVs produced between 2020 and 2024 due to concerns about seats catching fire. In a safety warning issued to customers, Kia also advised Telluride owners to park their vehicles outside in case their seats spontaneously combust.

A power seat side knob linked to the Telluride’s front power seat can get stuck, leaving the motor susceptible to overheating, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The federal agency clarified that the brackets for the back covers of the power seat switches and the seat side knobs would be replaced by dealers at no extra cost once the cars have been returned.

Kia told customers that the smell of burning, difficulty in adjusting the seat, and visible smoke are the quickest ways to determine if their vehicle’s seat is in danger of catching fire.

In 2023, both Kia and Hyundai recalled almost 3.4 million vehicles and issued similar warnings to park cars outside following concerns about the risks of fires in their vehicles’ engine compartments. Six months later, most of the at-risk vehicles still remained on the road.

In May, Kia also recalled over 2000 of its 2022 Niro electric vehicles, highlighting ongoing concerns about fire risks associated with the high-voltage batteries used in EVs. The 2,209 hybrid Niros were specifically recalled due to a fire risk associated with the battery’s safety plug overheating.

One driver of a 2023 Telluride contacted their dealer to tell them the seat ignited when they were driving in March 2024. The dealer sent the Kia the customer’s pictures, which later revealed that the fire spread from the side seat tilt motor on the driver’s side. In March, the company recalled roughly 40,000 of its SUVs in the US following an issue that caused the vehicles to roll away when parked.

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