‘The View’ Hosts Fearmonger Over Trump Shutting Them Down

(WatchDogReport.org) – Left-wing talk show hosts Rachel Maddow and Joy Behar recently claimed they are both afraid that a hypothetical second administration under former President Donald Trump would lead to the cancelation of their show.

During an episode of “The View,” Behar told Maddow that she believes that Trump could make this happen by boycotting the show’s sponsors or using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). She argued that she sees him capable of doing it, accusing him of being a “vindictive” person.

During her conversation with Maddow, Behar also suggested that the Republican leader could do the same as former President Richard Nixon by creating an “enemies list” and bringing back the years of “McCarthyism.” Despite her claims, the show’s co-host Sunny Hostin said she disagreed with the notion.

Following Behar and Maddow’s words, many people on social media claimed that the talk show hosts were exaggerating and fearmongering. They also claimed that while almost every single journalist, including Behar and Maddow, blasted and criticized Trump during his presidency, their shows remained uninterrupted. Political commentators added that even when Trump attacked the press on numerous occasions by publicly criticizing certain media outlets and journalists, he never attempted to silence them through their sponsors or the IRS.

In another part of “The View’s” June 18 episode, Maddow told Behar that she believes she could become a target of a second Trump presidency as she has always been one of his outspoken critics in the media.

When Behar asked what she has to say to all Americans following their claims, Maddow said that everyone should take seriously the “threat” that Trump represents to American democracy. She also said that if Trump can take these actions against journalists, he could do it to “everyone else.”

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