Texas Bus Company Sues Chicago

Texas Bus Company Sues Chicago

(WatchDogReport.org) – The city of Chicago’s newly enacted legislation concerning the drop-off of migrant arrivals is allegedly unlawful, according to a federal complaint filed by a bus company from Texas.

According to the Wynne Bus Company, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s policy is biased against them. They claim that this policy hinders interstate trade, which is terrible for transportation businesses that do business with Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas.

Illinois state representative Dan Ugaste, a Republican, claims that the city and Texas appear to be losing sight of the bigger picture in their continuing disagreement.

Ugaste, a practicing attorney, expressed his surprise that the government prioritizes acquiring a bus business over resolving the problems at the border.

Abbott has sent almost 35,000 people to Illinois since August 2022 because the state is a self-identified sanctuary city, a haven for illegal immigrants. There have been recent changes to the city’s policies regarding bus drop-off locations. Violators face possible impoundment of their cars and fines of up to $3,000.

The new regulation now obligates bus firms to notify the city and get their consent before dumping passengers in the designated landing zone. Enterprises impacted by the legislation have been hit with a financial burden of more than $3,400 since it went into force around a month ago, while the city has confiscated a few buses and initiated legal action against many enterprises it considers unlawful.

Ugarte says everyone has a right to exercise certain limitations; he just doesn’t know how far that goes. Transferring and releasing persons within certain time zones and restricted places seems to have disproportionate penalties. Heavy fines and property seizure seem excessive.

According to Ugaste, other cities are considering doing the same thing as Chicago.

Governor J.B. Pritzker called for more uniformity in bus regulations at the state and regional levels last week.

In the end, according to Ugaste, controlling the border is the key. A bill to end Illinois’ status as a sanctuary state was recently introduced in Springfield, and he has voiced his support for the measure.

He said the present immigration crisis makes one wonder if Illinois should maintain its status as a sanctuary state. Perhaps things might turn out differently if Chicago rethought its status as a sanctuary city.

Ugaste brought up that the Springfield measure presently awaiting action has not made much progress.

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