Texas Announces Plan to Establish Military Base at Eagle Pass

(WatchDogReport.org) – Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced plans to build a military base in the state’s border town of Eagle Pass to serve the National Guard’s efforts in the region to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States. Abbott stated in a press conference that the base, which will house 1,800 National Guardsmen, will grant soldiers from the Texas Military Department the ability to operate more effectively. The first phase of the construction aims to have 300 beds ready in April.

The facility, named Forward Operating Base Eagle, will house up to 2,300 troops in an 80-acre complex by the Rio Grande. Abbott explained that it will allow the state to amass a sizable army in a critical strategic area.

The announcement comes as Texas has spent over $124 million in under two years on transporting illegal immigrants to Democrat-run sanctuary cities. Months previously, the Justice Department sued the government of Texas and border control was ordered to remove barbed wire fences on the border. In January 2024, the Supreme Court allowed border control to cut the wire after Democrats criticized the use of razor wire as “cruel,” but the Texas National Guard has continued to erect more.

The state has continued to disobey federal orders from President Joe Biden’s administration, which Abbott has blamed for the Border Crisis and reckless policies on immigration. Texas officials refused an order from Biden’s administration earlier in January to allow border control agents access to the US-Mexico border, now under Texan control. The state’s attorney general, Ken Paxton, dismissed orders to stop controlling the Shelby Park entry point, and Abbott said the state would not allow border control agents onto the property anymore. In another move against the Democrats, Abbott allowed soldiers to arrest and jail thousands of illegal immigrants on trespassing charges.

Since Biden entered the White House, over 10 million migrants are reported to have crossed the border illegally. As Republicans blame the president’s administration for the record-breaking numbers of crossings, Biden has accused the Republicans of refusing to fund border security for political purposes. The president has promised to create a more orderly and humane system to deal with the crisis as the Democrats continue to challenge the state of Texas over their non-compliance.

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