Terror Attack Thwarted By FBI

(WatchDogReport.org) – US authorities reportedly thwarted a “lone wolf” terrorist attack in Las Vegas, Nevada. The onslaught was allegedly planned by a teenager who promised support and allegiance to the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS.

As reported by the conservative network FOX News, the 16-year-old suspect wrote in a November 28 social media post that he would start “lone wolf operations” against those who oppose “Allah.” The teenager also stated he fully supports the “Islamic State” and promised to “make sure” that every “Zionist” in the city “knows it.”

During a press conference, Homeland Security and Special Operations Division deputy chief Dori Koren said that, at the time of the arrest, federal agents found terrorist propaganda and different components to build explosive devices. He also told reporters that the suspect’s social media posts included words in Arabic and an ISIS flag.

Koren also disclosed that the counter-terrorism division of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, along with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, immediately mobilized and identified the teenager in his home “within hours” of his post. He added that law enforcement, which included SWAT teams, executed numerous warrants to foil the terrorist plot and take the teenager into custody. Koren told reporters no agent was hurt and said he believes the incident was nothing more than an isolated case that authorities “mitigated.”

When asked about the objects found at the suspect’s location, Koren said agents recovered al-Qaeda propaganda and guidance for conducting a terrorist attack. While the suspect wasn’t identified because of his age, he was charged with five accounts of explosive components possession, providing material support to a terrorist group, attempting to commit a terrorist attack, and terroristic threats.

Each of these charges are felonies, and the whole case will be formally prosecuted by the office of the Clark County District Attorney in Nevada. Koren also told reporters that the investigation is still ongoing and noted that authorities will release more information about the case over the next few weeks.

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