Suspect Accused of Threatening Presidential Candidates Found Dead – Court filings revealed on June 27 that a man from New Hampshire who was charged with delivering death threats to presidential candidates in 2023 was himself found dead. The filings added that authorities knew about his death while the jury was deciding Tyler Anderson’s verdict, at a moment when prosecutors were looking for comments from his legal team and received no answer. No cause of death has been revealed so far.

The filings said that once the government learned about Anderson’s death, prosecutors dismissed the indictment against the 30-year-old man. A grand jury had previously indicted him on three counts of sending death threats through interstate commerce on December 2023.

Anderson was arrested by police officers on December 9, 2023. He was eventually released five days later, with a federal judge setting numerous conditions for it, including avoiding contact with presidential candidates and their campaigns. Reports revealed that he was going through mental health treatment and was ordered to take each of his medications. It remains unclear whether he was going through the treatment during the time he sent the death threats to the presidential candidates.

While the United States Attorney’s office hasn’t named the presidential candidates Anderson threatened, a spokesman for Republican candidate and conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy said he received some of Anderson’s texts. Court documents detailed that Anderson received a text message from Ramaswamy’s presidential campaign, which notified about an event in Portsmouth. In response, campaign staffers received two messages directed to the candidate, with one of them threatening to shoot him in the head and the other one threatening to kill him and everyone who was part of the event.

Another court document showed that another presidential candidate who received death threats from Anderson was former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. His campaign received threats of a mass shooting at one of his events through a couple of text messages. The court document added that Anderson confessed to the FBI that he sent similar texts to many “other campaigns.”

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