Super Bowl Champion Announces Retirement After 13 Seasons

( – NFL superstar and Philadelphia Eagles main player Jason Kelce announced on March 4 that he was retiring from football, shocking many fans who thought he would continue his career after 13 successful seasons. In a 45-minute tear-filled speech, Kelce said that the only way he could explain his love for the game was by comparing it to what people feel when they hear their favorite song or read their favorite book. He added that the “seriousness” and “intensity” that football made him think was what always drew him to the game.

Sporting experts explained that Kelce’s career has been so outstanding that as soon after he announced his retirement, he automatically became a Hall of Fame candidate. Many have said that being one of the main stars of a team that achieved two Super Bowl trips over the last few seasons is a difficult milestone to match.

During his speech, Kelce also told reporters that he never felt more “alive and free” than when he stood on the football field and tried to help his team win games. He also said that football always gives players a “visceral feeling” that doesn’t exist in any other sport, explaining he feels goosebumps when thinking about the way he could run like a “lunatic” and then get told he’d done a “good job.”

The 36-year-old Eagles’ center played all of his 13-year career with the same team, which many sporting journalists consider a romantic element that is becoming less common in sports. Kelce was part of Pro Bowls on seven occasions and was even named first-team All-Pro six times, which shows he was an elite player even in his last season.

His parents, Donna and Ed, as well as his wife Kylie and his brother Travis Kelce, attended his retirement speech. At the event, the Eagles’ legendary center also told reporters and attendees that he would always feel proud of having played his entire career in one city, as he said it was like a dream come true.

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