Star Witness Makes Shocking Confession

( – Michael Cohen, who is the former attorney of former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump, confessed during a May 20 testimony that he stole money from the Trump Organization while working for them.

During his testimony, Cohen told Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, that he illegally took thousands of dollars by lying to the former commander-in-chief and the Trump Organization. When asked what exactly he did, Cohen admitted that he overstated the amount of money he had to pay a tech company that was providing services for the conglomerate.

Cohen also revealed that he and the former conglomerate CFO Allen Weisselberg coordinated a $420,000 repayment to the former Trump lawyer for the money he gave to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The payment he gave to her came in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, so she didn’t reveal the alleged affair she had with Trump ten years earlier.

In his testimony, Cohen told authorities that the repayment he received was clearly “grossed up” so he wouldn’t take a tax hit. He also said that he received a reimbursement from the Trump organization for paying a tech company named Red Finch $50,000.

Cohen also confessed that he took $30,000 from the conglomerate himself because he was feeling “angry” about the way his bonus was getting reduced. He added that stealing that amount of money was nothing more than a “self-help” for him.

Over the last few months, many political analysts have said that Cohen’s testimony against his former client would represent a serious test for Trump’s popularity, as many of Cohen’s revelations could harm it. However, some commentators such as Ben Shapiro have said that the former president has proven to have solid support among his political base no matter the scandals surrounding him. Many polls have indicated that Trump is currently the favorite to win the 2024 presidential election against US President Joe Biden.

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