Soros-Backed DA Lets Man Go After 7th DUI Leads to 2 Fatalities

Soros-Backed DA Lets Man Go After 7th DUI Leads to 2 Fatalities

( – The Austin district attorney, backed by George Soros, is under fire for allowing a man involved in a seventh DUI leading to the deaths of two individuals to walk free, reducing his charges and bond.

Last year, Roberto Rangel, 52, was nabbed for his seventh DUI in Travis County, Texas, after causing the tragic deaths of Kate Garcia, 22, and Mark Narvaez, 23. The fatal incident occurred when Rangel, heavily intoxicated, recklessly parked his car, leading to a collision that claimed the lives of two young individuals.

Despite Rangel’s extensive history of DUIs dating back to 1989 and a 14-year sentence in connection to previous DUIs, his recent charge was reduced to a DWI months after the arrest. Furthermore, his bond was slashed from $100,000 to $10,000 before his release. His bond conditions were also softened earlier this year, removing his portable alcohol monitor.

Garcia’s mother, Elida Zamora, expressed bewilderment at Rangel’s release, while Narvaez’s father, Hector, criticized the legal system for allowing such leniency towards a multiple-time offender.

The community in Austin is deeply troubled by the leniency shown by the progressive DA, Jose Garza. Critics, including Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak and Republican candidate Daniel Betts, contest that Garza’s office should have pursued severe charges beyond DWI for Rangel.

Responding to the incident, an anonymous Austin Police officer expressed frustration, indicating this recurring situation of leniency from the prosecution’s side continually impacts victims of these tragedies.

This isn’t an isolated case; it’s part of a broader concern regarding the district attorney’s handling of serious crimes, including repeated instances of drunk driving. Garza’s leniency in such cases has sparked widespread outrage, especially considering the severity of Rangel’s repeated offenses leading to fatal consequences.

Efforts to hold Garza accountable have been ongoing, with a focus on scrutinizing his actions and exploring avenues for potential removal under a new state law effective from September 1, 2023. Critics and community members alike anticipate an end to what they perceive as Garza’s contentious reign as district attorney.

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