Soap Star Gunned Down in LA

( – Soap opera actor Johnny Wactor was gunned down on May 24 in Los Angeles, California, as he was trying to protect one of his co-workers from some armed thieves who killed him during a brawl. The 37-year-old star became one of the most famous male figures on TV after being one of the main stars of General Hospital.

Wactor’s brother Grant described the incident during an interview with the Daily Mail. Grant said everything took place between 3:25 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. when the actor was walking his friend to her vehicle. Grant told the British media outlet that, considering that they were “born and raised” in the South, they would never let a woman walk alone to her vehicle during those hours.

Citing the assessment that the Los Angeles Police Department made of the scene, Grant explained that when they were approaching her car, his brother saw the three thieves trying to steal his truck. He asked them what they were trying to do when they suddenly turned back and started to walk to them. Grant said that the actor immediately put his female friend behind him when a discussion happened, and one of the thieves shot him dead.

In a letter sent to NBC News, Wactor’s mom, Scarlett, confirmed that her son was killed under the circumstances mentioned by the department and Grant. She also said that the family felt devastated as Wactor’s death represented a “huge hole” in their lives that will never be fixed. She also described her son as a shining “light” in the “dark.”

In addition to General Hospital, Wactor was also famous because of his appearances in the NBC TV series Siberia and the way he starred in two episodes of West World, which was one of the main HBO series back then. His agent, David Shaul, said in a statement that Wactor was not only a great actor but also one of the greatest human beings he ever knew.

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