3 Simple Ways Changing Your Habits Can Save on Gas

Simple Ways Changing Your Habits Can Save on Gas

3 Incredible Tips That Could Save You Big On Gas

(WatchDogReport.org) – One of the easiest expenses to overlook when you’re working out a budget is gas. Regardless of whether prices are up or down, how much you use versus how much you can save makes a significant difference to your wallet. Here are some of the best ways to change your habits to save the most money at the pump.

Plan Ahead

Knowing how much fuel you’ll need depends on how many places you have to go. Everyone’s schedule is different, but most people have a routine they follow, whether it be going from home to work or school all week or just using the car on weekends for errands and leisure.

Planning ahead means making use of all of the resources your community may have available, such as ridesharing, carpooling, and public transportation. Establishing set habits for traveling places will greatly reduce the amount of uncertainty in your budget.

Conserve Fuel Whenever Possible

Conserving fuel doesn’t just mean driving less – it also means driving more efficiently. Take off a bit slower when the light turns green. Don’t gun the engine to go around someone to save yourself a few seconds. If you’re driving long, flat stretches of road, such as interstates or rural highways, use your cruise control.

One of the biggest culprits of fuel waste is idling. Do you start your car in the morning and go back inside for 10 minutes while it warms up? A lot of people do. Running the engine with the air conditioning on in the heat is just as popular. Try only warming up on those really cold days, and limit the time to three or four minutes. When it’s hot, roll your windows down and let the air in the car circulate out as you drive away, then turn on the A/C.

If you really want to eliminate idling time and all that wasted gas, park and go into the restaurant, store, or coffee shop instead of sitting in a drive-thru line.

Every Little Bit Helps

Just about every bank and credit card company has a cashback reward for gas. Find which of yours offers the best perks and use it for all your fuel purchases. Do you use the same gas station all the time? You probably should, and you should look and see if they have their own rewards program. Many national chains offer points towards future purchases, and some offer a per-gallon discount if you sign up to have your purchases directly debited from your bank account.

There are also cashback apps and no shortage of online coupons. Saving on gas is nothing new. Changing your habits to use the best options available for you could go a long way towards hanging on to more of your money.

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