Shifty Schiff Blasted During Senate Candidate Debate

Shifty Schiff Blasted During Senate Candidate Debate

( – California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff was humiliated during a January 22 senate debate after Republican candidate Steve Garvey called him out in front of the public. Both candidates are facing off the open seat left by the late Dianne Feinstein, in what many political analysts say would be a more competitive race than what many expect.

During one of his rebuttals, which Garvey shared on his Twitter account, the former professional baseball player said that Schiff’s words weren’t trustworthy, pointing out he was even “censured for lying.” Social media users stated that the moment was terrible for Schiff, as he remained silent live on air for a couple of seconds. The California Democratic representative replied that while it was true he was censored, the situation took place because he decided to stand up to a “corrupt president.”

The Republican candidate then claimed that Schiff and most of his colleagues have always shown an unwillingness to listen to the American public and their problems. He also accused the Democratic representative of trying to divide Americans through “arbitrary” demographic lines.

After hearing the accusations, Schiff said that even when many people could think he’s a liar, and even when Garvey and other Republican leaders have been discrediting him for being formally censured, he would do it “all over again.” He then repeated that all he did was to oppose former President Donald Trump and his administration.

As soon as he stopped talking, Garvey said that despite his opposition role against the former commander-in-chief, he blatantly lied to 300 million Americans, which the former professional baseball player described as an irreparable mistake.

Over the last few years, Schiff has been considered one of the most controversial politicians in the Democratic Party because of the way he repeated Russiagate’s conspiracy theory, which posited collusion between Trump and the Kremlin. A report from Special Counsel John Durham eventually revealed there wasn’t any connection between the Republican leader and the Russian regime.

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