Sheriff Speaks Out Against His Liberal Governor

( – California’s Riverside County Sheriff, Chad Bianco, expressed relief as a recent attempt by Governor Gavin Newsom to expand gun-free zones for concealed carry permit holders in California was blocked. Bianco, in a Fox News interview, criticized Newsom’s stance on gun control, labeling it as “anti-gun ownership” from the beginning. He emphasized the contrast in the treatment of law-abiding citizens and criminals, stating that California has a “pro-criminal stance” with an agenda that blames law enforcement and society rather than holding individuals accountable for criminal behavior.

According to Bianco, Newsom aims to close prisons, avoid prosecutions, and eliminate state prison sentences. He urged Newsom to shift focus from his gun control agenda to address the rising crime rates and quality of life issues in California, which, according to Bianco, are being negatively impacted by the governor’s promoted policies. The California Rifle and Pistol Association successfully appealed to block the law expanding gun-free zones for California concealed carry permit holders on January 7, 2024.

Chad Bianco, who has served as the Sheriff, Coroner, and Public Administrator of Riverside County since 2018, criticized Newsom’s approach to law enforcement and criminal justice. As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Riverside County, Bianco oversees various departments and facilities, including jail facilities, court buildings, the Coroner’s Bureau, and the Public Administrator’s Office. He is a twenty-nine-year veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, with a career that began in 1993.

Bianco’s comments reflect his concerns about the impact of Newsom’s policies on law-abiding citizens and the criminal justice system in California. The sheriff believes that the focus should shift towards addressing the rising crime rates and improving the quality of life for California residents, rather than pursuing an agenda that restricts gun ownership.

The blocked attempt to expand gun-free zones was seen by Bianco as a relief, preventing potential consequences for law-abiding citizens exercising their right to self-defense. The sheriff’s position underscores the ongoing debate over gun control and its implications for individual rights and public safety.

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