Shark Tank Star Makes Absurd Presidential Endorsement

( – Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur and minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has publicly endorsed President Joe Biden in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. In the statement published by Bloomberg on March 4, Cuban commented that even if Biden were on his deathbed, he would still vote for him rather than Donald Trump. Cuban also told Bloomberg he would vote for Nikki Haley in the Texas Republican primary as a “protest vote” against the former president. In 2015, Cuban declared that he “wanted to be a Republican” because he supported a smaller and “smarter” government.

In December 2023, the NBA approved Cuban’s sale of a controlling interest in the Dallas Mavericks to two families with close links to the casino and hotel industries. Cuban now has a 27% stake in the club and still has control over basketball operations. The billionaire previously supported the ban on Trump’s social media accounts in 2021 and compared Trump’s rhetoric to knowingly selling a product that is used for “nefarious” purposes.

Cuban has also questioned whether Trump is really a billionaire. The former president was ordered to pay $355 million plus interest after a civil fraud lawsuit found him guilty of exaggerating his wealth on financial statements to reach better loan conditions. Cuban has dismissed claims he will be running for president himself, having previously hinted at the possibility. He suggested that Trump does not agree with all of the Republican party’s platforms and that he is Republican “in name only.”

Cuban made clear that he considers Biden a “traditional politician” and would support the administration of Biden and Kamala Harris over Trump’s any day. He suggested that Biden had more detailed policies and referred to the 81-year-old incumbent president as “methodical” and “precise.” The entrepreneur compared Trump to a snake oil salesman, suggesting that the former president was peddling something akin to fraudulent medicine and that his devout followers do not care whether it works or not.

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