Several Fatalities Confirmed After Tragic Plane Crash

( – Thursday evening, an aircraft crashed into a mobile home community in Clearwater, Florida, killing three individuals. Clearwater, home to over 110,000 people, is situated on the central west coast of Florida, approximately 23 miles west of Tampa. The crash occurred at a 55+ community called Bayside Waters.

Martha Parry (86) was killed when the plane plummeted into her home at 2647 Pagoda Drive. A friend visiting the mobile home, Mary Ellen Pender (54) of Treasure Island, also perished.

Jemin Patel, 54, the pilot of the single-engine craft, was also killed. Patel hails from Melbourne Beach. According to aviation records, the jet belonged to Control Data Inc., an Indianapolis, Indiana-based corporation. The company’s owner is Patel.

Patel reported engine trouble about 7 p.m. local time on Thursday. The pilot was the sole occupant of the aircraft. The plane disappeared from radar around three miles north of a runway where the mobile home park is located.

After a day of golf, roughly ten individuals were at the mobile home, according to officials. However, most of them departed before the plane, which had departed from Vero Beach approximately one hour earlier, crashed due to an engine problem. A fire broke out as a result, destroying the mobile home and causing damage to many others around the collision site. Scott Ehlers, chief of the Clearwater Fire Department, said the blaze spread to three other residences.

A man named Bobby Dixon felt compelled to head to the crash site after he heard reports on the news. His wife, Mary Ellen Pender, went to the community to play golf with nine other friends. Dixon knew that she frequently stayed late to assist her friend Martha Parry with household chores, and she still hadn’t returned home.

A police officer prevented Dixon from approaching the mobile home park any further once he arrived. Officers eventually arrived with photographs of jewelry that had belonged to one of the victims.

At that moment, he realized his 54-year-old wife was gone.

Dixon said the husband insisted on seeing the site of the crash. The police escorted him to the ruins. The destruction showed him that his wife had been spared any suffering.

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