Senator Trolls ‘Border Czar’ Kamala Harris Over Mayorkas Impeachment

( – Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott called out US Vice President Kamala Harris on February 20, encouraging her to preside over Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ impeachment trial in the Senate. In a letter sent to the Democratic leader after Congress impeached Mayorkas, Scott argued that Harris was the “best person” to preside over the trial. He said she was tasked with solving the “root causes” of migration into the United States by President Joe Biden in 2021 and explained that she has a prominent role as the head of the upper chamber.

Scott also wrote to Harris that she has a responsibility to stem the migration to the United States border as the commander-in-chief appointed her as the “border czar” in 2021, and she accepted the position. The Florida senator mocked Harris in the letter by saying she should be “interested in learning” if a prominent member of the Biden administration was part of the “root causes” because he refused to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. Scott claims Mayorkas’s failures to secure the border should frustrate the “core function” of her role as “Border Czar.”

Following Mayorkas’ impeachment in the House of Representatives, Harris accused Republican congressmen of trying to create a political crisis to run on this year instead of providing solutions to solve the situation at the southern border. Many Republicans have claimed Harris is partly to blame for the border crisis, as she has refused to execute hardline measures. They also point out that the Left has ignored the situation for three years, waiting until an election year to make any significant efforts to stem the tide.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader and New York Democrat Chuck Schumer said that Washington Democratic Senator Patty Murray will preside over Mayorkas’s trial, even though she’s currently the Senate’s president pro tempore. However, Scott told the vice president in his letter that she should be the one presiding over the trial.

After the House impeached Mayorkas, the White House has claimed on numerous occasions that Republicans’ impeachment efforts against the secretary were not only politically motivated but also unconstitutional. After the vote on Congress, President Biden blasted GOP representatives who voted to impeach him, arguing that history would condemn them.

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