Seinfeld Star Slams Far Left For Ruining Comedy

( – Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently claimed that the “extreme left” has caused irreparable damage to comedy because of its inclination to censor everything it considers offensive or inappropriate. During an appearance at the New Yorker’s podcast Radio Hour, Seinfeld explained that what the left has done to comedy is unforgivable as people have always craved the catharsis and relief that comes with a good laugh.

Seinfeld claims that everyone needs comedy as it’s the best way to forget the stress and problems of everyday life. However, he stated that even such a pleasure has been threatened over the last few years with the rise of wokeism and political correctness.

The comedian said he can’t understand why the left has been failing to understand not only the importance of comedy but also the way so many people in the United States and around the world “need it so badly.” However, he noted that he doesn’t feel surprised as he has noticed the way the left has become so radical over the last few years that all they care about is “PC crap” and preventing being offensive to “other people” no matter what.

Seinfeld, who has been considered one of the greatest comedians in the United States, also claimed on Radio Hour that things used to be different some years ago when people could get home and watch their favorite comedy shows. He explained that reality doesn’t exist anymore because the vast majority of TV producers have stopped creating those types of shows because of the left’s pressure in the industry.

Despite the delicate situation comedy is currently facing in the United States and many other countries in the West, Seinfeld said there’s still some hope. He pointed out that stand-up comedy is currently showing an extraordinary quality that everyone can enjoy, as comics have full freedom on stage, and they are the ones to take the blame if something goes wrong.

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