SCOTUS Hands Trump Big Victory in Unanimous Decision

( – The United States Supreme Court sided unanimously with former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump on March 4 in his challenge against the Colorado Supreme Court’s attempt to remove him from the primary ballot. In the case, the court’s nine judges ruled in favor of the Republican leader, which also reversed the efforts of Illinois and Maine to remove Trump from their ballots.

For the first time, the upper court considered the reach and meaning of the 14th Amendment’s Article 3, which prohibits former officeholders who were part of insurrections from holding certain public offices again. Challenges were officially filed to remove the GOP presidential candidate from the primary ballot in more than 30 states across the country.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court wrote that each of its judges concluded that while states can disqualify people holding or attempting to hold state office, they have no power under the US Constitution to enforce Section 3. Responding to the court’s ruling, Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold said in a statement that Trump is now officially an “eligible candidate” for the state’s 2024 Presidential Primary, in accordance with the Supreme Court’s decision. Meanwhile, the Republican reacted to the ruling through a post on his Truth Social account, saying that it represented a “Big win for America.”

Over the last few weeks, Colorado’s Supreme Court had argued that Trump had to be removed from the state’s ballot as they determined that his behavior regarding his alleged interference in the 2020 election led to the Capitol riots in 2021. The state’s upper court had also explained that his act amounted to an “insurrection,” which automatically disqualified the Republican leader from holding office again.

However, the US upper court said in its ruling that it would raise “heightened concerns” if states decide to enforce Section 3 in regards “to the Presidency.” The Supreme Court’s majority also signaled against any future attempt by any state to try to invalidate the former president in case he’s elected.

Following the decision, Trump went on to win a landslide of victories on Super Tuesday, leading to the exit of his only remaining rival, Nikki Haley. As of March 6, the former president has 1,022 delegates. He needs 1,215 to secure the nomination.

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