Schiff’s Victory Speech Cut Short

( – A group of demonstrators interrupted and shouted Democratic Representative Adam Schiff off the stage during his victory speech on March 5 — Super Tuesday. The liberal leader was at Hollywood’s Avalon Theater, declaring victory after knowing that he would officially advance to the US Senate race.

At one point, a brawl erupted among the crowd after numerous protesters started to chant “Let Gaza live” and “cease-fire now” in such a loud manner that they managed to halt Schiff’s speech. While the Democratic politician tried to quell the situation, the demonstrators grew louder for a couple of minutes, with many of the attendees asking them to stop interrupting the speech.

When the protests ended, Schiff continued with his speech and thanked those who voted for him. However, he also delivered some words to the protesters, as he said that all who attended the event at the Avalon Theater were “lucky” to live in a nation with a powerful democracy where everyone had the “right to protest.” He also said that everyone should feel lucky to live in “that kind of democracy” and claimed he would make sure that it won’t change.

Over the last few weeks, many progressive Democrats have criticized Schiff over his support of the Biden administration’s approach to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist Hamas, as they consider it too radical. Different reports have revealed that the situation has created a division inside the Democratic Party, with many politicians from the most radical faction openly criticizing US President Joe Biden.

Republican Steve Garvey also advanced in California’s Senate Primary and gave his victory speech in Palm Springs. The democratic leader and the former professional baseball player will face off in the general election in November. One of them will fill the seat that the late Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who died in September 2023, left vacant.

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