Rust’ Armorer Receives Maximum Sentence

( – New Mexico Judge Mary Summer sentenced movie armorer supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed to 18 months in prison on April 15, following actor Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting of Ukrainian cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The incident took place on the set of the upcoming film Rust. Gutierrez-Reed heard the sentence during a hearing during which Hutchins’ friends and family testified and even called for the punishment of those responsible for the incident. Some of her family members even claimed that it was important to set a precedent to prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future.

Back in March, a jury found the movie weapons supervisor guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Hutchins’ death. Since the conviction, Gutierrez-Reed has been detained in a county jail, with prosecutors blaming her for unwittingly bringing accurate ammo on the movie set and failing to meet gun safety protocols.

Baldwin’s incident was controversial and became the most scandalous news in Hollywood back in 2021. During a scene rehearsal at the movie set, the actor pointed a pistol at the Ukrainian cinematographer. He pulled the trigger as he thought that the firearm wasn’t loaded with real ammunition. In addition to accidentally killing Hutchins, Baldwin also wounded the movie director Joel Souza.

During the hearing, Judge Summer told Gutierrez-Reed that she was responsible for what happened as she was the armorer and the person on the set whose primary job was to prevent such an incident from taking place, as it involved firearms. The judge also told her that Hutchins would’ve been alive if she hadn’t turned a safe gun into a “lethal weapon” that the actor used without knowing it.

According to some reports, Gutierrez-Reed failed in her plea to receive a lesser sentence and even told Judge Sumer that while she tried to be the best she could on the movie set, she never had the proper staffing, resources, and time. She also said she isn’t a “monster.”

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