RNC Chairwoman Responds to New Hampshire, Urges Haley to Quit

RNC Chairwoman Responds to New Hampshire, Urges Haley to Quit

(WatchDogReport.org) – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel recently called on former South Carolina Governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley to formally withdraw from the GOP presidential nomination race. McDaniel made the comment during an interview with Fox News after Haley was soundly defeated in the New Hampshire primary, where former president Donald Trump achieved a massive victory.

During the interview, McDaniel told the conservative network that after Trump’s victory in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, which makes him the first GOP candidate in history to do that, Haley had no chance of beating him. She explained that while she believes that Haley ran a “great campaign,” she noticed that the “message” that is coming out from Republican voters all across the country is ”very clear.”

McDaniel added that the main goal of all Republicans in the United States is to beat President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, claiming that the first thing to do in that direction is to unite around Trump. She also pointed out that the former president should start campaigning as GOP general nominee from now on, and even announce his running mate as soon as possible.

Many Republicans have also urged Haley to suspend her presidential campaign despite her intentions to compete in South Carolina’s primary in March. Numerous polls have shown Trump currently has a lead of 30 percentage points in that state.

One of the few GOP leaders expressing support for Haley after the New Hampshire defeat is state Governor Chris Sununu. He responded to McDaniel’s claims, saying that the former South Carolina governor exceeded all expectations and is officially the only competitor Trump has in the Republican Party right now.

Sununu said it was irresponsible of McDaniel to say that Haley should quit after being defeated in two states when there were 40 more to go. He also said that voters should be the ones to decide instead of “a bunch of political elites.”

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