RFK Jr. Issues Dire Warning to Democrats

RFK Jr. Issues Dire Warning to Democrats

(WatchDogReport.org) – Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has issued a warning to state officials who were trying to exclude former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump from the ballot. 

In December, the Democratic-controlled Supreme Court of Colorado issued a divided decision that initially nixed Trump from the state’s primary ballot. Maine Democratic Secretary of State Shenna Bellows eventually followed the move and axed him from the ballot in her state. These moves raised controversy and exacerbated polarization, with many political analysts pointing out that the United States Supreme Court will have the final word in the Republican candidate’s “legal war” against these decisions.

During the interview, Kennedy told host Martha MacCallum that these decisions were not only “wrong-headed” but also “deeply counterproductive.” He pointed out that while he’s not a fan of Trump, he should be beaten “fairly” and without the disadvantaged “playing field” presented by the two ballot removals. 

The independent candidate added that he believes American voters want to see a “fair fight,” along with “real” debates and a “real democracy.” He told MacCallum that every American wants to be able to pick their candidates and their presidents without a court choosing for them.

Kennedy explained that, in Colorado’s case, its Supreme Court’s ruling was “deeply flawed,” as Trump hasn’t been convicted or even charged with insurrection. He suggested that the conservative leader’s due process rights were violated. He also told the Fox News host that the actions taken against Trump risk turning him into a type of “mythological figure.” Kennedy also claimed that what the former president is dealing with right now is “un-American,” and the type of situation that is usually seen in banana republics.

According to different reports, Kennedy’s presidential bid is going better than expected. A recent poll conducted by Monmouth University revealed that one in five registered voters are willing to support third-party candidates like him. It also noted that he can pull 14 percent of support from Trump and US President Joe Biden. 

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