RFK. Jr. Explodes on Podcast, Drops Startling Accusation

(WatchDogReport.org) – During a recent interview with the New York Times’ The Run-Up election podcast, Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused the newspaper of being nothing more than an “instrument of the Democratic Party.” He made the comments during the episode’s last minutes after saying that his goal in the race was to determine if he could win it and to make Americans who don’t want to vote for former president Donald Trump or President Joe Biden to vote for him.

According to some reports, Democrats are worried that the 70-year-old environmental lawyer would help Trump win the presidential election by stealing votes from President Biden because of his liberal-leaning policies. Instead of addressing these concerns, host Astead Herndon coached them by asking the independent candidate if he was somehow insulated from the consequences of the electoral events to properly grasp his influence in the race.

Kennedy responded that he wasn’t surprised by those remarks, as many reporters usually ask him if he was a “spoiler.” He also said that he doesn’t know whom he’s going to pull votes from, adding that his main concern is his presidential campaign.

Herndon also asked Kennedy if he was aware of his impact on the race, considering that independent candidates in the United States never had many chances of winning. The environmental lawyer said that he would have a “good impact” on the country and explained that he believed his organization was better than the rest because it was led by people who “loved this country.”

Kennedy also told Herndon that the 70 percent of people who don’t want a presidential election rematch between Trump and President Biden should have an option, adding that he believes The New York Times disagrees with this. The independent candidate then said that the newspaper was the “instrument” of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party, even claiming that he knew the newspaper was going to “spin” his words. “to help Biden.”

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