Republican Rift Widens As Trump and Graham Exchange Shots

( – Former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump blasted South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on April 8. The rebuttal came after the Senator publicly expressed disagreement with the former commander-in-chief’s latest remarks on abortion. The public feud between the two conservative leaders started in a video, where Trump explained that, following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, the abortion topic should be left to US states.

The former commander-in-chief made these comments despite the pressure from numerous antiabortion and pro-life groups, who have been claiming that he should have a firmer stance on the matter. Some of these groups have even suggested that they won’t support Trump unless he shows more commitment to the pro-life position.

Following Trump’s video, Graham said on his Twitter account that he “respectfully” disagreed with his conclusions about the medical procedure. The South Carolina senator said that Trump was wrong in what he explained about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, claiming that the science has shown that a child at 15 weeks can feel pain and is “well-developed.”

Responding to these comments, Trump said on his Truth Social account that he has to blame himself for Graham, as the senator won in South Carolina because he decided to endorse him. The former president also said that Graham was committing a mistake in expressing his disagreement as he was doing “a great disservice” to the United States and the GOP. He added that the Democratic Party was “thrilled” with Graham’s comments as they wanted to see division among Republicans.

So far, the former president hasn’t endorsed any effort to formally establish a federal limit on abortion. While all polls show that Trump’s popularity among Republicans remains strong, the situation has created a small division among conservatives. While some of them believe that his stance on abortion is the correct one, others, like Graham, have claimed that Trump is not committed enough to one of the main concerns for conservatives and Republicans.

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