Republican Donation Site Crashes Following Trump Verdict

( – The campaign of former President and Republican nominee Donald Trump said on May 30 that the Republican Party’s central donation platform collapsed after the Manhattan jury convicted him on 34 counts of falsifying business records. The presidential campaign explained that the reason behind the crash was that an overwhelming amount of people started to donate to the campaign as a way to show their support for Trump and their anger at the conviction.

On their Twitter account, the Trump campaign added that they were working to restore the site online as soon as possible so more people could express their support. The campaign also called on every Trump supporter to “stay strong” and keep showing their disagreement with the Manhattan jury.

Shortly after the crash, numerous Twitter users shared screenshots of the donation platform’s unexpected collapse. This unforeseen turn of events, coupled with the swift restoration of the website an hour later, sparked intrigue and speculation about the potential impact of Trump’s conviction on his base’s support.

Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert also took to her Twitter account to express her surprise at what happened with the platform WinRed, saying that Democrats should be worried about it. She claimed that the Democratic Party and the Biden administration “have no idea” of what they did with Trump, suggesting that some Democratic leaders had some influence on the Manhattan jury or that the conviction was orchestrated.

Following the Manhattan jury’s verdict, US President Joe Biden said in a statement that while it served to show that no one in the country is above the law, the real verdict will be displayed at the 2024 presidential election. He added that the American people know that the only way to keep Trump out of the White House is by voting against him. President Biden also said that Trump is a politician who believes he can break the law and face no consequences.

The Trump campaign received more than $50 million in donations within 24 hours of the verdict being announced. They netted a total of $141 million for the month of May.

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