Reality Television Star Dies While in Custody

( – Andrew Jury, former star of the “Married at First Sight” reality TV series, was found dead in his prison cell only hours before he was due to appear in court. Jury, who starred in the first season of New Zealand’s “Married at First Sight” in 2017, died in the early hours of the morning on June 27 at Auckland’s Mt. Eden Corrections Facility. Staff were unsuccessful in their attempts to save his life.

Jury’s family confirmed the 33-year-old’s death with reporters. The TV star’s cause of death has not been revealed but the corrections facility is carrying out an investigation. Officials have stated that they have found nothing to suggest that the death is suspicious. Jury was charged with entering a building unlawfully, willful damage, threatening behavior, possession of an offensive weapon and assault with intent to cause injury.

Roy Jury, Andrew’s father, told reporters he was deeply saddened by his son’s death, revealing that he had concerns about his son’s mental wellbeing soon before the scheduled court date. Roy said he should have noticed the warning signs when Andy ceased communication with his friends and relatives.

Jury’s co-stars, Benjamin Blackwell and Brett and Angel Renall, released a statement announcing the death of the TV star. The statement said it was a pleasure filming with Jury and that “intricately” connected the stars for the rest of their lives. They commented that “despite his struggles”, Jury was the soul of the party and friendly towards his co-stars.

Jury, who worked as a builder, kept a low public profile after his appearance on the show, rarely posting personal updates on his Instagram page. The reality TV star’s father commented that he was struggling with life in jail. Roy told reporters that he and the rest of Andrew’s family and friends were deeply distressed by his tragic death.

Andrew highlighted concerns about the reality TV series in 2018, calling the process “unethical” and saying contestants got “burned”. He complained that his wife did not suit him “in the slightest” and questioned whether the process was “legit” when it turned out to be the opposite of what he wanted.

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