Pvt. King Faces Desertion Charges Over North Korea Stunt

Pvt. King Faces Desertion Charges Over North Korea Stunt

(WatchDogReport.org) – According to documents obtained by Reuters, the United States Army has formally charged Private Travis King with several crimes. These range from desertion for illegally entering North Korea back in July to soliciting inappropriate images of a child and assault against fellow American soldiers while in South Korea.

The US Army’s case against him includes eight different charges under the Military Justice’s Uniform Code. Various reports pointed out this situation would set up a significant legal battle for King following his release from North Korean custody in September. While numerous media outlets have requested comments from the Army, none has received any answer.

In a statement sent to Newsmax by a spokesperson of the King family, the private’s mother, Claudine Gates, noted that her love for her son is “unconditional.” She added that she’ll always support him and be by his side. Gates also asked that the private be “afforded the presumption of innocence,” pointing out that “the man” she raised and “dropped off at boot camp” didn’t drink.

Gates further explained that every mother knows her son and noted that “something happened” to the private while he was deployed to South Korea. At the end of her letter, King’s mother said that the US Army promised to conduct an in-depth investigation into the matter and claimed she was waiting for the results.

Over the last few weeks, the army has refused to answer questions about the possibility that King could face disciplinary action, after being in North Korean custody for two months. The army has repeatedly said that its main priority is to ensure that King receives the proper care.

King’s release from North Korea took place after weeks of negotiations between American and North Korean officials, with members of the Swedish government acting as intermediaries. Following his release, the private was sent to a military hospital in Texas for medical evaluations.

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