Purported Hate Crime Victim Accused of Setting Fire to His Own Home

Purported Hate Crime Victim Accused of Setting Fire to His Own Home

(WatchDogReport.org) Texas resident Mario Roberson, who initially alleged his home was targeted in a hate crime, is now facing charges of arson related to the fire that claimed two lives and severely injured another individual.

A San Jacinto County grand jury recently indicted Roberson on Felony Arson charges following an investigation into the June 10 fire. Sheriff Greg Capers disclosed to Breitbart Texas that the indictment was issued, but an arrest warrant for Roberson has yet to be issued.

Roberson previously reported racist graffiti sprayed on his property, blaming the Waterwood Property Owners Association for the incident. He alleged that a dispute over short-term rentals in the area fueled the attack. Short-term rentals can displace current long-term tenants if the landlord decides to terminate their lease in favor of one that allows a shorter-term residence.

During interviews with news outlets, Roberson had expressed his frustration with the ongoing racism. He claimed that his door was marked with offensive language, and his home was set ablaze due to “racism, power, hungriness, money.”

Reports from KTRK revealed Roberson’s account to authorities on the day of the fire. In bodycam footage, he described receiving a call from neighbors alerting him about the blaze. He mentioned the racist graffiti sprayed on his door, linking it to the fire incident.

Furthermore, witnesses described a man emerging from the fire engulfed in flames. He fled in a truck, later crashing into a ditch. Law enforcement found him and, severely burned, he mentioned being instructed by someone to bring them to the location for a house-related activity.

However, the investigation took a turn, with authorities now charging Roberson himself with arson in connection to the tragic incident. The bodies recovered from the fire are yet to be identified as of this writing.

If convicted of the first-degree felony arson charge, Roberson could face a prison term ranging from five to 99 years in Texas. The case remains open, and it is uncertain if additional charges will be brought against Roberson.

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