Psaki Claims White House Wants Hunter to Zip His Mouth Shut

Psaki Claims White House Wants Hunter to Zip His Mouth Shut

( – MSNBC host and former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on December 17 that the White House wants Hunter Biden to avoid making comments in public. Psaki made the revelation after he defied the Congress Oversight Committee’s subpoena to deliver a closed-door testimony.

During an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” anchor Kristen Welker asked Psaki if Hunter Biden’s unexpected press conference was helpful or hurtful for him. The former press secretary under the Biden administration said that it wasn’t helpful at all and noted that many people in the White House want President Joe Biden’s son to “stop talking.”

Psaki added that many people in the capitol think that Hunter Biden is “hurting himself” by taking these actions under his current legal situation. However, she stated that one of the most “complicated” aspects of the issue is that they know that President Biden loves his son, which she described as the detail that “takes precedence” over everything else.

The MSNBC host also told Welker that everyone in the White House knows that President Biden “loves his family” and noted that he’s deeply worried about Hunter Biden’s “mental health.” However, she also said that many at the White House think that the president’s son needs to stop attracting media attention, which they believe could be harmful to the president’s popularity.

According to different polls, the president is currently experiencing a popularity crisis that could make him lose the 2024 presidential election. Among the various reasons why President Biden’s unpopularity is increasing, the main one is his stance on the armed conflict between the Israeli government and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which many believe is unacceptable.

However, his son’s scandals and the House investigation over the Biden family’s alleged corrupt business dealings are also affecting the commander-in-chief’s image, especially among Republican and independent voters. Some Democratic leaders have even suggested that the Democratic Party should pick another presidential candidate to win the 2024 presidential election.

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