Protesters Slam ‘War Criminal’ Hillary Clinton

( – According to recent reports, anti-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters sent a radical list of demands to former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a recent visit to Wellesley College. The demonstrators, who were mostly students from Clinton’s alma mater, also called her a “war criminal” because of her support to the Israeli government in its military operation against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza.

On its Instagram account, the activist group “WC-against-HRC” published a list of demands during her visit, as demonstrators yelled at those who attended the Democratic leader’s talk. The demands ranged from recognizing the “genocide” perpetrated by the Israeli Armed Forces against Palestinians in Gaza to forcing the academic institution to suspend any type of relationship with pro-Israeli companies.

The group also demanded the college’s administration, and Clinton cut any ties with the Anti-Defamation League, which is an organization whose primary goal is to track cases of antisemitism in the United States. It also called for college authorities to take action against reported cases of intimidation, defamation, doxing, slander, harassment, and hate crimes made against pro-Palestinian students.

The group wrote they wanted to echo demands that many students and alums from the “Faculty for Justice in Palestine” have been calling to recognize since November 2023. The group also said that Clinton and the college’s administration have the influence and power to meet each of their 10 demands.

The former Secretary of State returned to her alma mater to be part of a women-led democracy summit and to mark a new center that the college created in her honor. According to some reports, many pro-Palestine students circulated hundreds of pamphlets around campus, claiming that she was the college’s “most beloved war criminal.” The pamphlets also said that Clinton’s hands were full of “blood” because she supported numerous military actions in the Middle East.

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