Protesters Shock the Nation With Appalling Chant

( – Anti-Israel protesters repeated an alarming chant during a recent demonstration in Michigan. The protesters chanted “death to America” and “death to Israel” on April 5th during a rally in Dearborn, MI, a city that has been nicknamed the “jihad capital” of the United States. The city is the first in the US to have more Arab-American residents than any other race.

The rally was held to celebrate Al Quds Day, an event established by Islamic extremists to express hatred for Israel while supporting Palestine. It is celebrated by Muslims around the world, but it’s most prolific in Middle Eastern countries. It was founded in 1979 as tensions between Israel and Islamic nations were beginning to intensify. “Death to Israel” is a common chant during rallies and celebrations.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, who founded the Islamic “holiday,” has called Israel a “cancer” and a project started by evil colonists. Khomeini previously served as Iran’s Supreme Leader after leading the Iranian Revolution. He died in 1989.

Tarek Bazzi, an Islamic extremist and activist who organized the rally, called for Muslims to “pour all of your chants and shots upon the head of America.” He also echoed the chant “genocide Joe has to go” in reference to President Joe Biden’s pledge to support Israel in its fight against Hamas. He then suggested that Israel and the US have no right to exist.

Bazzi also expressed support for Khomeini. Bazzi works for Deaborn’s Hadi Institute, an educational and indoctrination institution dedicated to influencing children with Islamic values.

Several community leaders condemned the chants. Democrat Mayor Abdullah Hammoud called the chants “unacceptable,” saying they were contrary to the values held by his city. Sam Dubbin, who serves as the leader of the Jewish Community Relations Council, said the chants were “frightening” while acknowledging that he doesn’t believe they speak for the majority of Arabs. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hadidi, who chairs the Michigan Muslim Community Council, called for the chants to be investigated as “hate speech.”

Even the White House chimed in, as press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the President was aware of the issue and that he had condemned the chants.

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