Pro-Trump Truckers Boycott New York City in Protest

( – Some truckers who support presidential candidate Donald Trump refused to transport goods to and from New York City after the former president was fined $355 million and barred from operating his businesses in the state in the civil fraud verdict on February 16.

A pro-Trump trucker going by the name of “Chicago Ray” posted a video on X after the verdict, declaring that he and several of his colleagues would be refusing to carry out NYC deliveries in response to the ruling by Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron. Ray attacked the verdict, which, on top of the fine, suspended Trump’s business activities in the state and will prevent Trump from being an officer or director of any corporation in New York for the next three years.

Female trucker Jennifer Hernandez joined the truckers in protest and claimed that they could effectively “shut down” the city. Hernandez warned that consumers would be affected if they ceased deliveries and that even a 10 percent reduction of trucks delivering to and from the city would be enough to cause prices of goods to skyrocket.

Ray advised shoppers to stock up while they still can and told the Democrats to leave Trump alone. The trucker warned that there were millions of truckers who supported Trump and that there would be shortages if the former president is not left alone. Trump praised the boycott and referred to the truckers as “Great Patriots” as he again accused President Joe Biden of weaponizing law enforcement and threatening democracy.

After his video went viral, Chicago Ray later backed down. Ray removed his original post and video and posted an update in which he denied that he was a figurehead and claimed that he was not encouraging truckers to do anything that they were not about to do anyway after the ruling. He then posted again, claiming that no one had “got to him” and that he only removed his original post because it had gone viral.

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